Soaring hues of instagramable flying dresses

Features Sunday 07/April/2024 20:44 PM
By: Swati Basu Das*
Soaring hues  of instagramable flying dresses

It is often the power of dressing that inspires femininity and empowers her in the very thought of being a women.

With its flying colours and extravagant designs, fashion screams a statement that’s meant to be charming, sensual and most importantly enigmatic.

While evoking emotion and creating a visually stunning image, the flying dresses leave a lasting impression on the wearer and the viewer under the hashtag #flyingdressphotgraphy and #flyingdresses. Of late it has been a tourist’s allure and for sure is considered the best souvenir one can have from an iconic destination that one visits.

The long train of satin fabric flying high in wind is storming and gaining popularity while collecting millions of views all over the world through the feeds in social media platforms.

It is important to choose one’s style, and what can be better when it comes in the character of a dress that lifts the spirit of a woman as high as it desires to soar. The introduction of this flying dresses with its magical spectra and the vibrant shades unleashes its feminine aura but with a distinctive style.

The history of flying dresses and the flying dress photoshoot that compliments the experience of the one wearing is not even a decades old. Founded by a Russian couple in 2016 in Santorini, Greece, the flying dresses and the photoshoots has become widespread beyond the iconic blue and white backdrops of Santorini. The concept has thereafter travelled miles and conquered the ‘flying dresses photography’ market in Dubai, Italy and many such picturesque milieus.  

From archetypal Santorini – where the concept initiated – to now in Dubai, Italy, Bali and Turkey, these quintessential flying dress is a style statement in its own. Tailor made to perfection, the colourful long trains blowing loud adds oomph to an Instagram shots or even a fashion magazine.

Swirling elegantly, the flowy fabric creates a fairytale drama casting its spell with the tantalizing hues of scarlet, canary yellow, dusty pink, gold, turquoise, bronze, ocean blue teamed with a perfect backdrop. Be it the desert, ocean or urban setting, the flying dresses adds vibe to the milieu.

This fairytale magic captivating one’s soul is all about the love for art and imagination that it beholds. “This young couture is just eight years old and since inception it is much in vogue. Many people want to experience the flying dress teamed with a professional photoshoot, for them it is worth a fortune. It’s not a fashion statement that it throws but an empowering feeling for the woman flaunting it, it makes you feel like a queen. It attracts the viewer’s attention differently with its long train flowing in the wind with an exotic display,” says Iryna Zhezlo, a fashion designer and the founder of Flying Dress for Rent UAE.

The flying dress photoshoot includes a lightweight ten feet long stain dress with a long train artfully flowing in the breeze. “The dresses integrates with the Dubai urban and desert backdrop. The Wings of Mexico with Burj Khalifa behind the frame is an iconic locations adding to the bling lifestyle of Dubai. A shoot in the deep desert of Dubai has its natural charisma,” she added while continuing, “One size fits all and therefore perfect for all women of all shape. I am now playing with the design and trying to bring in more uniqueness to the style and introduce more pastel shades to it.”

The flying effect is meticulously fashioned by the designer, photographer and the assistants. The surreal photographs are no joke as it requires right timing and model’s movement corrections. “It’s not easy, the model needs to be directed and we must help her for the shot of her lifetime. The walk, the turns, the runs and shaking the dress as per the wind direction are some important factors when it comes to capturing the volume of the long silky train behind you,” fashion photographer Vira Kornyushko pointed out.

Dressing is an art and style follow suit. The right style holds the elegance to stand out and be remembered. It readily attracts all the glare, capturing the moment and making it worthwhile. In its magical realm the flying dresses is to remain forever in style.

* Swati Basu Das is a writer based in Oman