‘United Nothing’ and not United Nations vetoes Gaza ceasefire resolution

Opinion Saturday 09/December/2023 20:30 PM
By: Mohamed Alzadjali
‘United Nothing’ and not United Nations vetoes Gaza ceasefire resolution

Last Friday, I was asked by my friends to tune in to the United Nations (UN) session, anticipating a crucial vote on the Gaza ceasefire. Skeptical, I dismissed it as a futile UN exercise, predicting a certain veto.

As expected, after countries around the world expressed their views, the United States (US) indeed vetoed the resolution. They have just sent more ammunition to Israel and want to be used against Palestinians before they call for ceasefire.

I do understand their position, they need to kill more children and women to satisfy their appetites.

This recurring pattern raises questions about the effectiveness of the world in voicing their concerns when, in the end, the U.S. tends to prioritise its interests over broader international concerns.

In my previous articles, I’ve asserted that the American government is essentially a puppet controlled by Israel, citing evidence of undue influence through lobbying groups like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC ). It is a group that advocates pro-Israel policies to the legislative and executive branches of the United States.

While some may dismiss these claims, the recent UN events seem to validate concerns about the U.S. aligning closely with Israel’s agenda.

They look at the interest of Israel more than the interests of the United States and a lot of Americans are unhappy with this.

Presently, the Israeli government faces challenges in its conflict with Hamas, where the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) have struggled to achieve tangible goals.

Despite significant destruction in Gaza, including hospitals, churches, and mosques, the IDF has not achieved any goal but only achieved killing more women and children.

The ongoing violence appears to be causing more harm than expected.

The UN has become a “United Nothing,” and the Western nations are seemingly aligning with Israel in actions that have resulted in the genocide of Palestinians.

Referring to the October 7 incident, where initial reports suggested atrocities committed by Hamas, the subsequent investigations revealed a different reality. I can say for sure that much of the violence in the occupied territories has been perpetrated by the IDF, challenging the notion that Israel claims is self-defence.

Expressing skepticism about achieving peace without addressing the root issues, I urge the U.S. administration to prioritise adherence to international agreements, specifically referencing the Oslo Accords and UN Resolution 67 of 1967.

I also want to emphasise the need for a reevaluation of the US stance, urging a commitment to peace that starts holding Israel accountable for its actions.

Now, the US has appointed a new ambassador to the Sultanate of Oman.

After her appointment, she gave a welcoming speech to the Omani people for working together to bring peace in Palestine.

Sadly, 99% of Omani citizens and others were not convinced with her comments.

My message is very clear that if you really want to achieve peace, then the US has to follow the UN’s resolution.

So please, Your Excellency, before you tell us that you want to work with us to bring peace in Palestine, you should have done it from 1993 when the historic Oslo Accord was signed at the White House between Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestine Liberation Organization Chairman Yasser Arafat where it was agreed that Palestinians and Israelis will recognise the rights of each other.

Israel never wanted to recognise Palestine and that’s the reason Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was killed in November 1995 as he wanted Palestinian land.

So Your Excellency, when you say that you want to work with Omanis, please go and achieve it with your country first.

You will waste your time with us and nobody will listen to your peace process as it has to start with Israel, not in America if they want to change.

If America has to change, they have to tell Israel to follow the Oslo agreement.

If you do this, then you will be welcomed to Oman, otherwise nobody would welcome you as an ambassador. But as a person, you’re more than welcome.

Actually we are not against the Americans. We are against the American government. And look what’s happening now in Iraq. They have launched missiles at your embassy, you know. And slowly, the American establishment or American officials will have a hard time in the future. So it is best for you to do something today, before it’s too late.