Oman’s Amna Al Rasbi wins bronze at Seoul International Invention Fair

Oman Saturday 02/December/2023 20:15 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman’s Amna Al Rasbi wins bronze at Seoul International Invention Fair

Muscat: Amna Al Rasbi, a young engineer from Oman, has secured a significant achievement by earning a bronze medal at the prestigious Seoul International Invention Fair (SIIF) 2023 recently.

Regarded as a pinnacle for groundbreaking innovations, this global stage congregates the brightest minds and industry leaders to unveil visionary concepts and pioneering products to a diverse spectrum of stakeholders, from manufacturers and investors to distributors, licensing firms, and the general public.

Chosen as Oman’s representative by the GCC Patent Office, Amna stood out among 484 inventions presented by 26 countries, earning accolades for her innovation. Titled “Sustainable organic pollutant removal in refinery wastewater using nanoparticles,” her creation embodies a commitment to environmental sustainability in line with Oman Vision 2040.

This accomplishment follows previous recognitions, including the Thailand Award for the Best International Invention and Innovation from the National Research Council of Thailand and the GCC Patent Office Award.

Expressing her thoughts on the achievement, Amna said, “This invention surpasses mere wastewater treatment; it establishes a precedent in environmental technology, aligning with Oman’s vision for a sustainable future.”

Grateful for the support and opportunities that led to this moment, she said, “This achievement underscores the potency of innovation and determination. I eagerly anticipate the journey ahead, continuing to catalyse positive change through innovative solutions.” Pledging to persist in her endeavours within sustainable solutions and environmental technologies, Amna highlighted SIIF’s significance, stating, “This platform not only showcases Oman’s innovation but also amplifies my work on the global stage.”

She elaborated, “This award signifies acknowledgment of dedication and success, inspiring continuous improvement and goal attainment. Participating in such global forums strengthens Oman’s innovation and technological landscape, fostering a robust global reputation.”

Acknowledging the pivotal role played by the Sultanate’s authorities in nurturing innovators through financial and technical support, training, and empowerment, Amna emphasised their contribution in enabling global competitiveness and success in innovation and invention fields.

Established in 2002 to promote and market inventions, SIIF, currently patronised by the City of Seoul, the World Intellectual Property Organisation, and the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations, has evolved into a premier event, uniting inventors and researchers worldwide to showcase pioneering ideas and products to a global audience.