The new meaning of USA: United Savage Apartheid

Opinion Sunday 19/November/2023 20:03 PM
By: Mohamed Alzadjali
The new meaning of USA: United Savage Apartheid

The world now has a new abbreviation for USA: It is United Savage Apartheid (USA). This is a reflection of the unholy nexus between the United States, Israel and other countries which are supporting the Zionist regime, who have launched a brutal and savage attack on the Palestinians in Gaza.

As the truth unravels of October 7 attacks in Israel, shocking details point out to the handiwork of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) in the shooting of innocent Israeli citizens at the Nova trance music festival, around three miles from the border with the Gaza Strip.

Leading Israeli newspaper Haaretz has reported that an Israeli police investigation into the Hamas attack on the Nova music festival on October 7 revealed that an Israeli attack helicopter killed innocent Israeli attendees.

The truth is a bitter pill to swallow but now there are videos confirming that the IDF was involved in the killing of its own citizens and the blame was put on Hamas.

According to an independent investigation, the Israelis have often put the blame on Hamas and used all their propaganda machinery to sell their lies. The latest bunch of lies was witnessed when the Israeli media televised the clips of hospitals to prove that it was being used by Hamas. Be it a normal calendar portrayed as a roster of shifts of Hamas or other clips, which exposed IDF fake stories rather than reveal any truth of Hamas’ using hospitals to launch any attacks.

Unfortunately, the problem is the belief of the Western world and the Western media that they are watching Hamas terror rather than accepting it as the handiwork of IDF terror or IDF’s fake propaganda.

The fabricated stories of the IDF are much to the liking of few Western media. The Western world is only aware of one version given by the IDF. They are unable to see the truth and it is a sad irony that when investigations from even Israeli media like Haaretz are hidden.

The big question is: Is the Western media fair and is the handling of news in the current conflict fair? The reply is No and the world is made to believe that all bad things are done by Hamas and Israel plays the victim card.

It's like the Western world wants to hear only evil things from the media. The other day I was watching the BBC, when they first reported that the IDF had entered the Al Shifa Hospital. The BBC newsreader talked about the IDF terrorising the patients, Arab speakers, medical staff and their relatives. However, they soon realised that it was an incorrect version and the BBC then issued an apology for the wrong information provided earlier.

Worse was to show that the IDF was involved in a humane gesture by showing that they brought incubators to save the new-born babies. The truth is that many new-born babies died and were evacuated during the Israeli raid on Al Shifa Hospital.

One can imagine how the IDF and the Israel government control the media in the West. We have seen in the past how the USA has used big lies to justify their attacks on other nation’s sovereignty. One remembers very well how the USA used the excuse of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq to launch their attacks. The world came to know that the WMD story was all lies and they had other reasons to attack Iraq.

It is a similar story in Gaza now. This time the USA and Israel claim that the Hamas command headquarters are under the Al Shifa hospital to justify their horrific raid that has led to deaths of innocent children and other patients.

Hamas even appealed to the United Nations to send their team to investigate the truth as they know it is only an alibi for the Israelis to attack and kill the innocent Palestinians.

The drama staged by the IDF by showcasing planted weapons in the hospital has no takers as it is clearly evident that Israelis want to convey the false narrative that they are only defending themselves. When the first video report came from Al Shifa Hospital, only few weapons were seen but later on, when a French journalist was taken by the IDF, the same X-ray room was filled with more ammunition and weapons, clearly demonstrating that it was stage-managed by the IDF.

Arab media reports suggest that the majority of Israelis do not believe the version of their government and the assurances of their Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the defence minister. The two are spreading only lies, supported by the USA. This is why, USA today means United Savage Apartheid.

For the USA to believe whatever the IDF feeds them as truth is a mockery of justice and it is only leading to the killings of hundreds and hundreds of innocent Palestinians. This genocide has to stop. The USA is hand-in-glove with Israel in committing massacres. And the USA shamelessly expects it to be loved.

There is a growing hatred for the USA from across the world. At least, the people in the Muslim and Arab world are seething with anger and the hate has reached the limit.

I wonder if we can find another USA that has its original meaning, the one we know as the United States of America. The anger is evident in Oman as citizens poured their hearts out and reacted angrily to the greetings the US Embassy in Oman shared on X, formerly Twitter, on the occasion of the 53rd National Day of Oman on Saturday. It is a shame to read those scathing reactions by Omanis and a slap on the spineless US foreign policy. The USA needs to stand up to the truth and the just cause of Palestinians.

Most importantly and urgently, they should intervene to stop the genocide in Gaza and Palestine. Or else, the USA would only mean United Savage Apartheid.