US government support to Israel: Foolish, naive or sinister?

Opinion Wednesday 15/November/2023 20:39 PM
By: Mohamed Alzadjali
US government support to Israel: Foolish, naive or sinister?

In the past few days, we have seen a concerted effort by the Israeli propaganda machinery to portray their merciless genocide in Gaza as an ethical and necessary military operation.

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu goes in front of the camera and talks about the war in Gaza, he claims that Israel wants to avoid killing innocent people. His staff, including his Defence Minister and the spokesperson for the ministry, claim that they want people in the Gaza Strip to evacuate and head south. They talk about a 4-hour truce period daily so that people can evacuate. This is all packaged to make it seem like Israel really does not desire violence.

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) on Wednesday stormed into Gaza’s biggest hospital, Al Shifa, and they seemed to portray as if they have conquered a military base.

If they were really serious in saving the lives of patients and children, a limited number of troops could have been sent to search rather than terrorise the patients and other civilians. Anyone wanting to leave the Al Shifa hospital is shot.

There is no actual pause in bombardment, and this is being showcased by a lot of media houses.

Witnesses have described conditions inside the hospital as horrific with bodies littered in the hospital complex and no electricity at the morgues.

Thank God for independent media houses like Al Jazeera, who are able to accurately showcase the reality on the ground? Everything on the ground is just the opposite of what is being claimed by Israel.

Another recent spin by Israel was when their spokesperson took some videos under the Rantisi hospital and claimed that the place was being used by Hamas as a command centre. They showed some weapons, and vests and said that the space was being used to keep hostages, too.

I want to ask the world, when you look at these videos, don’t you see these childish and stupid efforts to conceal the facts? Whom is Israel trying to convince by showing a basement room used by security guards as a tunnel? This is all propaganda, this is all blatant lies. But lies are not new to Israel, as they started this entire genocide based on a lie.

We remember the claims made on October 7, when they said 40 babies were beheaded and 1,400 people died. The world found out later that no babies were beheaded and that the deaths that occurred were primarily because of the actions of the IDF. Israel is addicted to lying to get away with its fake propaganda and convince the Western world, particularly the United States, which it is on a righteous path.

And this is where the absolute agony of the matter lies. The United States, and some Western countries, believe these lies and they sing paeans for Israel and its right to self-defence. This makes me wonder, are the people in power in America really naive?

The unfortunate truth is that today, it is Israel that controls the government of the USA and not the other way around. The US and other countries have become puppets in the hands of Israel, which continues to commit war crimes with audacity, being backed by powerful countries who believe in their lies.

In the meantime, for Gaza, there is no truce, there is no rescue, and there is no stoppage in bombardment. Anyone wanting to leave is shot, man, woman or child.

The movement of the US navy flotilla, including aircraft carriers of the US near Israel coast, is not for protecting the rights of Arabs to live, but to protect Israel, and we must not forget that.