Mall of Muscat delights visitors with captivating Panchavadyam performance

Roundup Tuesday 26/September/2023 17:39 PM
By: Times News Service
Mall of Muscat delights visitors with captivating Panchavadyam performance

Muscat: Mall of Muscat, Oman's premier shopping destination, recently delighted its visitors with a captivating performance of Panchavadyam, the popular rhythmic orchestra hailing from the Indian state of Kerala. This ensemble showcased the remarkable talents of approximately 20 artists proficient in an array of instruments, including five distinctive percussion instruments: Timila, Maddalam, Ilathalam, and Idakka, alongside the symphonic tones of the wind instrument known as Kombu.

Commencing with a gentle tempo, the Panchavadhyam performance gradually built-up momentum, eventually reaching a breathtaking crescendo that had the audience fully immersed and enraptured by the music.

A spokesperson for Mall of Muscat said, “Panchavadyam's performance brought forth a musical delight that resonated deeply, and the crowd's palpable enthusiasm was a testament to its captivating allure. This is our special way of welcoming and pampering our valued visitors. Mall of Muscat took great pleasure in hosting this immersive music session, introducing the enchanting melodies of this orchestra to the people of Oman. Traditional Omani music boasts a rich heritage, featuring a wide array of percussion instruments that have played a significant role in shaping the country's musical traditions for centuries. This performance served as a beautiful fusion of cultural appreciation and entertainment, celebrating both the artistry of Panchavadyam and the diverse musical heritage of Oman.”

Incorporating an expanse of approximately 200,000 square meters and providing more than 3000 parking spaces, the Mall boasts a substantial area. Beyond its shopping allure, Mall of Muscat presents a host of family-centric attractions, including a cinema, an entertainment zone, and other engaging features. Remarkably, it also hosts the Oman Aquarium, the largest and only public aquarium within the Sultanate. With an impressive array of 240+ brands spanning across fashion, lifestyle, sports, and electronics, Mall of Muscat offers an unparalleled luxurious experience.