Law firm offers pro-bono legal services to the needy

Roundup Tuesday 26/September/2023 15:54 PM
By: Times News Service
Law firm offers pro-bono legal services to the needy

Muscat: In an age where legal services often come with hefty price tags, Younis Al Amri Advocates and Solicitors (YLAW), based in Muscat, is setting a remarkable example by demonstrating that the legal profession can be a powerful force for good in society. This law firm has consistently gone above and beyond in its commitment to serving and improving the lives of its residents.

YLAW a leading full-service law firm based in Muscat, has incorporated partners Younis Ali Al Amri, a lawyer an Alumnus of Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), Muscat and Partner Taher Noor Sayed a seasoned lawyer and corporate professional from ICSI, New Delhi.

In a heartwarming gesture, the prestigious law firm has reaffirmed its commitment to making a positive impact on the community by offering pro-bono legal services to those in need. This initiative aims to provide access to legal assistance for individuals and organisations who may otherwise struggle to afford legal representation.

YLAW, known for its stellar reputation and dedication to providing legal services to leading commercial organisation and companies in Oman. The firm has established a unique practice of utilising part of the professional fees from services rendered to companies from commercial matters in using it in providing legal services to vulnerable individuals not accustomed to the legal system or having financial difficulties who could not afford lawyer services. The Law Firm in the last 3 years has assisted individuals in getting justice through this initiative.

YLAW gives back to society in a greater way and has created a history of supporting less privileged individuals. Their latest endeavour is to continue rendering unlimited pro-bono legal services to distressed foreign workers and Omani citizens in need is yet another testament to their commitment to giving back to the community.

Pro-bono services are a cornerstone of the legal profession’s social responsibility, and the Law Firm has embraced this responsibility with enthusiasm. They have assembled a team of highly skilled and experienced attorneys who are ready to assist individuals facing legal challenges in various areas of the law, including manpower related issues, criminal and civil matters.

Partner Taher Noor Sayed, speaking about this initiative, expressed the firm’s dedication to ensuring that justice is accessible to all members of the community. “We firmly believe in the importance of access to lawyers’ representation, for all.” “Through our efforts, we aim to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most.”

The firm’s pro-bono programme is open to individuals and non-profit organisations who meet certain eligibility criteria.

YLAW’s commitment to pro-bono legal services is a shining example of how legal professionals and law firms can use their expertise to make a lasting impact beyond the courtroom. As they continue to offer their support to those in need, their actions serve as an inspiration for others in the legal industry to join the cause and work towards a more just and compassionate society.

Younis Al Amri Law Firm is a researched-based law firm having hands-on experience in complicated commercial litigation, arbitration and capital market legal works. The firm has also excelled in criminal matters. The success rate of the firm is 100%, due to the commitment and extensive dedication of their team.

Younis Al Amri Advocates and Solicitors is also rendering legal services through their newly incorporated Legal Consultancy in the United Arab Emirates. They are among the first Omani Law firm to have a direct presence in the UAE.

Testimonials from community leaders highlight the positive impact that the firm has had on the lives of individuals and families in the community.

Convener of Odia wing of Indian Social Club Badri Narayan Subudhi said, “Younis Al Amri Advocates and specifically their managing partner Mr Taher Noor Sayed’s unwavering dedication, efforts in providing legal services to our community has made an immense positive impact on the lives of many individuals and their families. They have helped our community’s distressed workers settle their wages by instituting claims in competent courts and fighting for their rights. They have also facilitated on many occasions to liaise with the employers of the distressed workers for a safer exit to their home country.”

Highlighting the invaluable contribution of lawyer Taher Noor, Suhail Khan member of Indian Social Club said, “Lawyer Taher Noor Sayed selflessly dedicated his time and expertise for the community to ensure that those who are financially weak or cannot afford legal representation can get legal aid through their team of lawyers.”

According to the convener of the Urdu Wing of the Indian Social Club Tufail Ahmed, “Lawyer Taher Noor reminds us that there are still individuals who are willing to stand up for the vulnerable, advocate for the marginalised, and ensure that the principles of fairness and equality are upheld.”

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