ICC unveils mascot duo for Men's Cricket World Cup 2023

Sports Sunday 20/August/2023 07:57 AM
ICC unveils mascot duo for Men's Cricket World Cup 2023

Gurugram : The reigning U19 World Cup Champions, Yash Dhull and Shafali Verma unveiled the mascot duo for the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023 in an event in Gurugram on Saturday.

Fans from around the world will have the chance to contribute to the naming of the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023 mascots.

As the Cricket World Cup approaches and anticipation soars following the recent fixtures announcement, the ICC has introduced its mascot duo for the upcoming prestigious event.

Originating from a distant cricket utopia called the Cricketverse, the male and female mascots represent distinct traits that stand as symbols of both gender equality and diversity, according to the ICC.

With a turbo-powered arm propelling fireballs at lightning speed, the female character's pinpoint accuracy leaves even the boldest batters awe. Her unmatched reflexes, fierce flexibility, and fervent determination make her a supercharged fast bowling prowess. Adorned with a belt carrying six power cricket orbs, each strategically prepared for various game-changing tactics, she stands ever-ready to set the game aflame.

The male character exudes an unmistakable blend of sub-zero coolness and high-voltage batting prowess. His every shot, from sneaky finesse to seam-smashing sixes, resonates with an electrifying force that captivates audiences. His electromagnetic bat and versatile shot repertoire amplify the excitement, setting the stage light and electrifying the crease with every stroke.

The fans will have the unique opportunity to participate in the all-important naming stage before 27 August.

In the earlier stages of development, fans played a crucial part in shaping the mascots' design through extensive surveys.

Speaking about the unveiling of the mascots, ICC Head of Events Chris Tetley said as quoted by ICC, “We are delighted to launch the ICC’s mascot duo ahead of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023.

"The perpetual characters signify cricket's universal appeal beyond cultures and boundaries with the mascots standing as beacons of unity and passion. With representation of both genders, they epitomize the vital role of gender equality in our dynamic world.

In line with the ICC's and cricket's priority to connect with the next generation of cricket fans, these mascots hold the power to engage and entertain children, fostering a lifelong love for the sport beyond ICC events.”

During the lead-up and the tournament, the mascot duo will engage with fans in person, through broadcasts, and on digital platforms. Fans can purchase a variety of Crictoverse products, including exclusive mascot-themed merchandise such as sunglasses, available for sale both online and at venues.