Ramadan: It's all about mercy, goodness, love and brotherhood

Ramadan Saturday 25/March/2023 21:15 PM
By: Times News Service
Ramadan: It's all about mercy, goodness, love and brotherhood

Ramadan is a month that is all about mercy and goodness, love and brotherhood, and drawing closer to Allah. It is an opportunity to change yourself through acts of obedience to Allah, a time to celebrate all that you have been blessed with, and to put aside differences from the past year.
Ramadan is a time to reflect and re-evaluate our lives. It’s the time to be mindful, work on our strengths, and overcome our weaknesses. The fast involves not only abstaining from food and drink, but also from sins like dishonesty, cruel words, pride, and overindulgence.
The night Ramadan is to be announced, people wear new traditional clothing and wait for the moon to be spotted, marking the beginning of the “month of goodness”. In remote villages you will still find children dressed in traditional costumes beating home-made drums and roaming the lanes and alleys singing to welcome the Holy Month.

Words of Wisdom

Patience is a beautiful word, as it represents one of the most important attributes followers of Islam should exhibit. To be patient means trusting in Allah’s will; a concept that is a great comfort for the sad, weary, and afraid. Allah is with the patient ones, and for Muslims, practising patience, enables us to fully enjoy and savour the blessing that comes at the end of our waiting.

Fasting tips
Fasting is not only a physical but also a spiritual exercise that has many lasting benefits. It enables a person to develop sustained consciousness of God, helps one to choose a healthier lifestyle by small but meaningful changes in the dietary habits, and helps to make a person more humble and purposeful in daily life.