Genius hacks for multi-tasking mothers

Lifestyle Friday 24/February/2023 15:25 PM
By: Times News Service
Genius hacks for multi-tasking mothers

The first time around, being a mom means learning a lot of new things and approaching each new stage with caution. The second time around, moms know sometimes you need to wing it and embrace the imperfections (and humour) of parenthood.

Through this experience, moms learn some amazing time-saving, stress-busting, mind-blowing parenting tricks. Want to know the best time-tested strategies?

Here are eight genius hacks of those who have been around the mommy block a few times:

Smart snack storage: There’s no need to buy expensive snack food containers for all the kiddo’s goodies. When you’re done with your coffee creamer, simply remove labels, wash and fill with favourite dry snacks. These handy containers are a breeze to pop open and pour into bowls, plus the upright bottle maximises space in cabinets.

Quick and easy diapering: Experienced moms make diaper time easier by using Luvs with NightLock. The new, larger refastenable stretch tabs make fastening Luvs diapers super quick and easy, plus moms can rest-assured knowing baby’s getting a secure, snug fit every time. Best yet: these high-quality features come at less cost than the premium brands. Parenting is full of stressful moments, so don’t let diapering be one of them.

Simplify dressing: If you dread putting onesies over your baby’s head, you can take a sigh of relief because there’s an easier approach. Those layered shoulder tabs on onesies mean you can stretch the neck out and dress baby from the bottom up. When it’s time to undress, simply pull down. No more wiggling, crabby baby.

Inventive cold packs: From babies to toddlers to big kids, boo-boos are a fact of life. For little bumps, a mini-marshmallow pack is a fun way to make ouchies feel better. Mini marshmallows are lightweight, soft and hold the perfect amount of cold; all you have to do is place them in a plastic bag, seal and keep in the freezer.

Cut car chaos: If you have kids, you know all about car clutter, but this doesn’t have to be your reality. A canvas shoe organiser in the back seat is a fantastic way to store toys and supplies. Next, eliminate spills and goo by placing silicone cupcake liners into cup holders. Finally, a tackle box is ideal for creating a food travel kit with various snacks in each compartment.

Streamline grocery shopping: A trip to the grocery store doesn’t have to be a disaster with kids in tow. First, eat before you shop. Empty tummies make for grumpy kids who want everything in sight. Next, to keep kids focused on the task at hand, let them be shopping assistants. Bigger kids can help get foods on your list (yay for grocery store scavenger hunts!) and little ones can assist by holding a small item safely and helping you spot foods from the cart (who sees a red apple for mommy?).

Streamline midnight feeding: Don’t lose precious Z’s because it’s feeding time. Keep baby in “sleep zone” with little-to-no light and refrain from talking. Light and moms voice are extremely stimulating to baby. Another smart idea: change her diaper first so if she falls asleep while eating, you can lay her down and get back to bed quickly.

Keep small hands clean: There’s no need to strain your back holding your kid up so he can reach the sink to wash his hands. An empty shampoo bottle can easily transform into a handy faucet extender. Ditch the cap and cut a hole on the bottom to hook to the faucet. Secure on the spout and the water will extend out so it’s within a child's reach. Experienced moms know more, know better and know that clever tips and tricks can help save time and money. That means less stress plus more time and energy for creating lasting memories with the little loves of your life.