Intel launches 16 new locked 13th Gen Core desktop processors

Business Thursday 05/January/2023 07:06 AM
Intel launches 16 new locked 13th Gen Core desktop processors

Washington: American multinational technology company Intel has launched a plethora of new desktop processor models as part of its 13th Gen line-up.

According to GSM Arena, a tech news-related website, joining the existing six unlocked K-series models are sixteen new locked models, six of which are low-power variants for OEMs. The top of the ten basic variations is the Core i9-13900, which keeps the 13900K's core and thread count but reduces all clock speeds, with boost clocks lowering by up to 200MHz.

Although boost power is only down by 34W to 219W, the base clocks are also lower, resulting in a lower 65W base power. If you intend to operate at maximum turbo speeds, you will still need robust cooling.

Next up is the Core i7-13700, which achieves the same 65W base power and 219W boost power restrictions as the 13900 while making comparable clock speed compromises to the 13700K, reported GSM Arena.

With the i5 and i3 models, things get a bit different. Even though these are branded as 13th Gen parts, they are essentially rebranded 12th Gen Alder Lake models. This means there is a lot of difference going on between the i5 and i3 models than just clock speeds.

The differences between the i5-13500 and 13400 are more significant than they were between the 12500 and 12400. Lastly, there is the i3-13100, which is really just the 12100 but with an overclock. The new model has 200MHz higher clocks but is otherwise identical.

Aside from the 13600 and the 13500, all other models also have an F variant, which lacks the integrated GPU. Then there are the T models, which are heavily down-clocked variants designed to target a lower power draw, as per GSM Arena.