Zubair EDC Partners with Brandz+

Roundup Sunday 19/June/2022 13:53 PM
By: Times News Service
Zubair EDC Partners with Brandz+

Zubair Enterprises Development Centre (Zubair EDC), recently entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Brandz+, to promote the company’s integrated digital platform.

The Brandz+ application is an integrated digital platform specialising in trademarks. Through this means, the company aims to empower entrepreneurs and businessmen to monitor the performance of their brand from their smartphones from any location. Also, the company enables the marketing and promotion of brands to maximise its revenues and sales alongside increasing its market value as well as enhancing its presence among well-known international brands.

Commenting on the agreement, Said Salim Al Sahib, Director of Zubair EDC said, “Through this cooperation, the Center seeks to make this application one of the largest and most powerful mobile applications in the world. With this in mind, we are looking to develop a strategic platform that serves the FinTech sector, social platforms and small and medium-sized companies. Additionally, we are working to achieve a major leap in artificial intelligence technology to make this application the first of its kind in the world.”

“After analysing the data and conducting the necessary research, we believe that there is a huge potential for robust growth. This will help raise the market value of the Brandz+ application within a short period, with the numbers indicating the achievement of significant success,” he added.

From his side, Dr Salah Al Mahthori, CEO of Brandz+ stated, “We are proud to partner with Zubair EDC as it looks to expand its exposure across the local, regional and international markets. We believe that this fruitful partnership between the two parties will see the establishment of the initial structure, as well as align with the company’s vision to achieve a comprehensive strategy that enables it to meet the needs of the market, based on a pre-agreed work plan between both parties.”

The Brandz+ application is an integrated and comprehensive digital platform that analyses data in real-time according to highly complex mathematical algorithms that make it the unique digital platform in the world that specialises exclusively in brands. The company's smart application was developed by a highly professional team, to provide a product aimed mainly at empowering entrepreneurs, especially home-based businesses and small and medium enterprises. The service packages were expanded to add the category of businessmen and large companies. Expectations have exceeded local levels and Brandz+ services have been launched regionally and internationally.

Moreover, the Brandz+ smart application enhances the business sector by monitoring the performance of their brands from their smartphones from anywhere in the world covering more than 177 countries. Also, the company allows brand marketing and promotion of its products and services to include various categories, segments and classifications. The Brandz+ system analyses the databases in its cloud servers in real-time and builds accurate benchmark indicators, thus providing data that helps decision-makers in the market direction that maximises revenue and sales, whether in the form of a product, commodity or service provided by the brand owner. This would raise the market of that brand.

“We are proud that the application is Oman-based and was established as a local product. It has received widespread acclaim and has seen a significant number of downloads in record time across the Middle East as well as various countries in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. This is an indication of the application’s success and the extent of its excellence and innovation on a global level,” Dr Al Manthori added.

Zubair Enterprise Development Center (Zubair EDC) works to support small and medium-sized companies in the Sultanate of Oman by exploring business development, including opportunities to penetrate the market, enabling them to progress and growth, providing acquisition opportunities and attracting investments. In addition, the Center works to provide success factors required for growth and spread, with a focus on business development, skills training, capacity building and consulting. The Center also assists in re-considering business plans to make these small and medium businesses profitable based on the principle of self-sufficiency. Today, Zubair EDC has become a leading organisation in its field. SMEs can benefit from its high professionalism, diverse knowledge, a wide range of expertise, and global, regional and local network, along with its strategic partners, providing all means to help entrepreneurs to succeed and reach new heights in their businesses.